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What Eurozone and Eurogroup? It's time for Eurovision

The negotiations that will determine the future of Greece and the Eurozone have dominated the headlines in recent weeks, but there are other concerns as well it seems.

Important deadlines are also fast approaching with regards to other vital European institutions, namely: the Eurovision Song contest.

The Greek candidate entries have been narrowed down to a short-list of five. Thomais Apergi, Maria Elena Kyriakou (the winner of last year’s ‘Voice’ talent show), C Real, Shaya and Barrice are the musicians competing to represent Greece in the Eurovision song contest to be held in Vienna.

The songs will be presented in full during a ‘press conference’ which will take place on Wednesday the 25th of February. However until then NERIT radio has released a teaser featuring clips from the 5 candidate songs for viewers to get a taste.

The ‘Greek final’ will subsequently determine the country’s official representative in early March.