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Elena Kountoura: Steals the show in stunning black haute couture gown in a return to catwalk

Featured Elena Kountoura: Steals the show in stunning black haute couture gown in a return to catwalk

Elena Kountoura made a guest appearance at the fashion show of famous French designer, haute couturier Franck Sorbier at Paris Fashion Week.

SYRIZA MEP and former top model, Elena Kountoura impressed the audience with her appearance as camera lenses focused on her wearing a stunning black haute couture gown.

Her last catwalk was in 2007 again, for the same famous French designer.

His fashion show took place on Wednesday January 24th at the legendary Studio Harcourt Paris at 6 rue de Lota, a space where the biggest names in the world have been photographed. In the front rows of the fashion show was Honorary President Didier Grumbach, one of the most influential Presidents ever to walk through the official Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and is considered a mentor to huge global fashion names such as YSL and Givenchy.

Among those present were Sylvie Tellier from the Miss France pagent, the French actress Ophélia Kolb, Astera Anthemis and many other intellectuals, artists and fashion people.

In the past, Elena Kountoura starred as the muse of the great haute couturier Franck Sorbier in 2007 in his show inspired by ancient Greek tragedies. This was the last show in which the well-known MEP walked as a top model before becoming the Minister of Tourism of Greece.

Franck Sorbier brought her back as a guest star in this year's anniversary show for the summer of 2024 through a series of memories from travels to traditional cultures of Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, Brazil, Greece and his experiences that rely on the promotion of the woman/role model that inspires and creates, to the Woman/Light. The gown came from the "ancient tragedies" collection of 2007 and recalled the legendary moments when CNN included her in the 10 best models in the world.

"I accepted with great emotion the proposal of the great maitre Frank to participate as a guest star in this year's defile, dedicated to the woman of giving, to the female role model," says Elena Kountoura.

The concept of the show did not require models but consisted of brilliant personalities who wrote a personal story changing the world for the better. It was inspired by the true essence of the woman as a symbol who strives and achieves what she undertakes in every possible field, who creates, survives and excels under any circumstances, who strives to be victorious everywhere and bring balance, who heals with her beneficial presence and with her action for good.

The Woman that is a star and a volcano, the wind and the sea, a multifaceted model of beauty, not only external but also intrinsic, with internal charm and cultivation. The heart of the show was based on the novels of American novelist Jean M. Auel, who wrote "War Horse", hence the horse waiting at the entrance to welcome guests riden by a amazon dressed in Basque lace.

"I met Elena when we started working together through the Elite agency," says Franck Sorbier, "and she completely fascinated me from the first moment because she had a great talent in transforming herself by wearing a dress and changing her make-up. Of course, she always had this incomparable Greek beauty and personal fiery temperament. I am a big fan of Greece, as well as the ancient tragedies that have inspired me deeply, and when I decided to do this show some years ago, it was impossible not to invite her to participate as a Muse. He was the Greek role model for me. Today I felt the need to restore the energy of this moment by having Elena Kountoura as a guest star in my defile to remind the model of the ideal woman who can succeed in many different fields and benefit with her presence by cultivating essential dynamics. These women are changing the world just because there are cures. Recognizing these qualities of healing women will achieve a return to the source and this heralds a new essence of tailoring: a humanistic couture that does good.

Astera Anthemis is a défile with the participation of personalities from many places, such as ballet dancers who danced on straw behind poles with famous black and white photographs of personalities, visual artists, the daughter of an important company president and the famous Sarocchi ensemble who sang live traditional pieces of Corsica. The surprise with the wonderful Elena Kountoura's appearance at Franck Sorbier's haute couture show at the official Paris Fashion Week was organized by Ada Iliopoulou, who has been working at Paris Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival for the last few years, representing a well-known French agency. Classic French culture and the intellectual side of true haute couture are making a big comeback.