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Beater Brown Ordered Back to Jail

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After arguing to the California judicial system that Chris Brown should be granted another stint in rehab, his lawyer was unsuccessful in keeping him out of jail.

The hit singer was once again locked up on Friday, due to violating his probation after getting kicked out of a court-ordered drug rehabilitation facility.  Los Angeles Superior County Court Judge James Brandin said his decision was based on an unsettling statement Brown made while in rehab: "I am good at using guns and knives". This along with two other rehab rule violations sent him packing from the institution. His stint in jail extends until April 23rd; Judge Brandin will then decide if his misdemeanor assault charge arrest in Washington, D.C. warrants him to remain behind bars. It is probable that the decision will be made earlier so that Brown can make his way to the capital for a trial on that specific charge.

Brown's legal dilemmas started five year ago after beating girlfriend and singing sensation Rihanna. In June 2009 he pleaded guilty to felony assault, which required him to 14,000 hours of community service and a five year probationary sentence. His probation has been denied twice over the past year, including his most recent debacle of purportedly punching a man outside the White House.

He entered a rehab program on his own will in October, just a day after being let out of a D.C. jail. However he was thrown out a couple of days later. According to a rehab facility letter included in his probation report, "Mr. Brown proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and threw it through his mother's car window and it shattered". It went on to explain that this was because he was angry at his mother for her desire for him to stay in treatment. He had been ordered to remain a resident of his completed rehab stay until his trial on April 23rd, when it would be decided if he was to finish probation in jail.