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Maria Menounos' Boyfriend Baptized Greek Orthodox

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Greek-American TV personality Maria Menounos' boyfriend Keven Undergaro, was recently baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church.

The ceremony was televised for her reality show Chasing Maria. The couple has dated for sixteen years, while her traditional parents have repeatedly voiced their concern over the non-Greek romantic choice by their daughter.
The previous Catholic man was baptized in the presence of Menounos' parents and close family and friends. Both Undergaro and Menounos were dressed in white for the occasion.

A reception was held after the baptism, that included Greek dancing, food, music and drinks. Menounos' father Kostas danced with his predicted future son-in-law. During the beginning of their courtship, the couple was not at all accepted by her conventional parents, as revealed on Chasing Maria. Luckily, they have grown to love Undergaro.