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"My Man is a Loser" Stars John Stamos

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Greek-American actor John Stamos is set to star in My Man is a Loser.

The Lionsgate film will hit theaters and video on demand, on July 25th. The comedy's plot focuses on two married men who are trying to improve their role as husbands.

They call on their charismatic friend played by John Stamos, to get their swagger back. However, their efforts remain unsuccessful, while their wives question if they are worse off, regarding their husband's new identity filled with mojo.

My Man is a Loser was filmed in New York City in June 2012 and was directed by comedian Mike Young. As stated by producer Eric Bamberger, the handsome Stamos was cast as a 40-something single "ultimate playboy".

The Greek-American's original Greek surname was Stamatopoulos or Σταματόπουλος, and was anglicized when his paternal grandparents moved to the United States.  The official trailer can be viewed below.