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Vardalos Comments on "My Big Fat Greek" Wedding Sequel

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Greek-Canadian star Nia Vardalos spoke to the Winnipeg Free Press about the upcoming sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The actress stated that producers Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks wanted to create a sequel immediately after the hit movie's success. Vardalos admitted that she just couldn't do it, due to her character Toula's pregnancy. "I was in such a struggle to become a mom that I just couldn't do it. I just could not do the sequel for the simple reason it would be difficult to write an experience that I was not having. And the American press was so invasive," she stated to the news portal.

The entertainer added, "I thought, 'I can't do it,' and I hid, and did all these other fun movies that I wanted to explore. Now that I am a mom, there is just such a story that I want to tell. And although just like the first one there are things that have been made up, the script for number two is from my real experience."

Vardalos described how the sequel's script has been in the making for four years, and she recently felt ready to proceed. She described, "My parents came to live with us for a month during the winter months, and just watching their dynamic, one night I went, 'I got it! I got it!' and just went to my office and finished it". She added of her co-star and onscreen husband, "I texted John Corbett and said, 'Do you feel like kissing me again?' He was like, 'I'm in, baby.'"

The Greek-Canadian actress commented that her outlook has changed since the extreme success of My Big Fat Wedding, "I think I have more confidence and connectedness to a community at large. I think I was going through a very solitary experience of feeling that I couldn't get acting work and blaming myself...I wrote the (first) script out of desperation, and this one I wrote out of joy."

(Source: www.winnipegfreepress.com)