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Businessman Saves Greek Tiger Phevos

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Businessman David Barnes is planning to rescue Greek tiger Phevos, who currently resides in Trikala's zoo.

The tiger is set to be relocated to an American large cat sanctuary. He was originally rescued in 2001, from a traveling circus in Greece by local delegates, according to Leicester Mercury.

Athena, his partner, passed away in March after her infected paw remained untreated. Since her death, Barnes, a previous Animal Welfare Fund in Greece employee, has been looking for a new home for the tiger.

Barnes has started a fundraiser for Phevos' relocation and currently needs only £1,400 in revenue to move the beast. He is extremely grateful for all of the economic support he has received on behalf of the tiger.

As reported by Leicester Mercury, Barnes stated that Greece's animals were well taken care of until the country suffered a recession, "When Phevos and Athena arrived at the zoo, the enclosure was not very good and I persuaded them to build a new one and things were going well...Then, three years ago, the financial crisis hit Greece and after that things changed".

The animal rights activist further commented: "I got a phone call saying I should go and see Athena who was bleeding from a wound in her paw which had become infected. She died under anaesthetic."

Barnes then established the fundraiser to save Phevos and move him to San Diego, CA. He explained, "Phevos is still in Greece but he is being checked on frequently by a vet friend and so far he is okay...I have raised just over £10,100 so just £1,400 to go. Whatever I'm short of will go on my credit card."

Phevos' savior described, "I started applying to carry out the move in April and I'm hoping to go next month. It's the biggest and most challenging thing I've done...I will stay with him throughout the trip, he knows me very well, I am able to feed him and stroke him in his enclosure".