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Washington's Greek Embassy Goes Green

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The Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C. has gone green; energy conservation is a main priority since it became a member of the D.C. Greening Embassies Forum in 2011.

The Greek Embassy partnered with Intelen in its eco-friendly quest. Intelen is a Greek tech company that is an expert in innovative means for energy management, and has created a pilot scheme to reduce energy consumption.

The company has established a specific program termed Intelen BiG that, "takes advantage of new technologies and the increasing dependence (some would say addiction) on smart phones and combines them with psychological theories of behavioral change. It is a smart phone app and a game platform at the same time that aims to raise eco-awareness and lead to eco-friendly behaviors", according to the Embassy.

The BiG program heightens awareness about the results of daily habits on the environment in an interactive way. It is user friendly and only a smart phone is needed to participate. The Greek Embassy administered BiG's pilot program between June to December 2014.

According to the Embassy, employees noted that they had maintained energy friendly tendencies everyday, such as switching off kitchen appliances after use and turning off computer monitors. The Greek Embassy in the nation's capital was specifically granted the Intelen Big pilot program, as a complimentary service.