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Venizelos Encourages Political Parties' "National Consensus"

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Greek government Vice President, Foreign Minister and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos voiced the requirement for a discussion by all political parties to come to a "national consensus", following an agenda meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, according to ANA-MPA.

Venizelos stated as he departed from the meeting, "We need a national negotiation, a national consensus and a national duty to the truth that we must all respect". He described SYRIZA as, "having chosen a very easy role, reminiscent of the worst versions of the post-junta era".

Venizelos cautioned, "When the government is telling all the difficult truths and struggling, facing our foreign partners, and the opposition is telling easy lies directed at the domestic front and not where the negotiation is taking place, we have an unequal and false image and, in this way, we could be strategically disorientated as a nation".

The Vice President discussed the meeting's focus and claimed, "There is fatigue, of course, among the people, after five years of continuous efforts and sacrifices; now everyone is impatient for immediate, tangible results, for a change in climate".

Venizelos added concerning oppositional parties' stances, "beneath the occasion and undervalued the sacrifices and concerns of the people". He commented that, "the right, moral and just thing to do would be to promote national unity and act together as a nation to complete this effort".