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Guilty of robbery, not terrorism

The Court of Appeals tribunal found the six young mencharged with armed robbery at Velvedo, guilty for robbery but dismissed the accusations of belonging to terrorist organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

The judges of the tribunal, after many months, accepted the reasoning and judgment of the prosecution, who in his speech called for the conviction of six young for a double robbery at the Agricultural Bank and the Post Office at Velvedo, in February 2013, but dismissal of the charges against them according to the Anti-Terrorism Act as part of the terrorist group.

According to the court's verdict of guilty the six defendants are not members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, as the court was not convinced that their actions were within the purview of a terrorist organization.

According to the decision, the six defendants were found guilty of robbery and aggravated possession of weapons, which in the opinion of the judges was not proven to have taken place for the provision of other concerned groups. The court changed the prosecutor's proposal in respect to mitigating circumstances, not recognizing post-adolesence on the grounds that the act of the accused was not the result recklessness, but of conscious choice.

The court turned to the less severe the offense of abduction, referring to the citizen's car which the accused took in the escape attempt and held him hostage for some time. According to the court decision, the defendants should be charged only with unlawful detention, as their purpose was to escape and not to deprivate the liberty of the citizen they took hostage.

Finally, the courtdropped other charges such as resistance to authority and possession of illegal items found in the car. Indeed, for the offense of resisting authority, during the chase, the court opined that it involved the forced response of the perpetrators in a scuffle with police.

The process continues with the court convening to decide sentencing.