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Sponsored Military Parade

The 28th October military parade will have a sponsor!!! The Vardinoyannis group has undertaken to cover the costs of moving heavy military vehicles and the overflights by fighter aircraft.

The Vardinoyannis group, the armed forces' major fuel supplier, will cover the costs that are expected to run to the tune of 35,000 euros, according to an assessment by defense minister Dimitris Avramopoulos.

The issue, however, is more than political, as Mr. Avramopoulos noted that the appearance of tanks at the parade will bolster popular morale, and this "does not have a price tag."

The major parade will be held in Thessaloniki, and the appearance of heavy vehicles and aircraft (banned when Evangelos Venizelos was minister in 2010 due to cost) was agreed upon by alternate defense minister Fofi Gennimata.