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100,000 Apply for 10,000 Temp Jobs

More than100,000 applications have been turned in by people from families with no income for 10,000 temporary, five-month jobs at municipal and regional authorities, throughout Greece.
Pay under the programme, which is being run by state employment agency OAED, ranges from €427 a month for those under 25 years old and €490 for anyone else.

The deadline for applications, limited to those with only primary level education, was Friday. OAED says it hopes to complete the selection process by the end of this month so successful applicants can take up posts in November.

Among the kinds of work offered are cleaning streets, beaches and forests, working on local heritage sites, tree-planting, removing illegal waste, providing care for the elderly, participating in after-school programmes for children, working in social groceries or second-hand clothing collections, or working as school traffic wardens.