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The oddest party in these elections

It is perhaps the only case of a double nomination for the Guinness Book of Records. The 85year old large landowner Tzalazidis Miltiades, leader of 'Independent Innovative Left, Right Renewal, PASOK Renewal , Innovative New Democracy, No to War Party, Business grants Land, erases Debts, saves lives, Panagricultural Greece Labour Movement (PA.E.K .E.).

His first nomination concerns obviously the party's name, the largest that has been recorded in the political annals of Greece.

The second relates to the number of votes received in the elections of June 2012. Just one, apparently his own, as he was the only candidate in two regions A 'Athens and Attica.

Note that in the elections of May 6th the party of Mr. Tzalazidis had got a total of 199 votes in these two regions, that apparently this time he lost due to the voters' bipartisan dilemmas.

Landowner Miltiades Tzalazidis has promised to give to landless 30,000 acres in Grevena, if he get in the House. Iin the past he has been a parliamentary candidate with Kostis Stephanopoulos' DHANA. Then he worked with the Center Union of Vassilis Leventis and in 2004 collaborated with Dimitris Tsovolas' DIKKI .

In the elections of 2009 he created his own party 'Grants plots, erases debts, panagricultural Labour Movement'.