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Stylida Mayor Puts WWII Vets in Places of Honor

WW II veterans were placed on the official stage to watch the 28 October parade, while the attending officials were relegated to watching from the sidelines, in Stylida.

The gesture that garnered positive remarks across the board, was made by the mayor of Stylida, and former actor, Apostolos Gletsos, who noted:

"I don't believe I am of the stature to be on the stage with them. They are heroes and fought for their country... What are we doing for them? We further cut the starvation pensions they get. Shame and disgust. They should be beating us with their walking canes... They gave us a free and proud Greece... What kind of Greece will we leave for our children."

Messages on Twitter and social media have been praising the move ad asking other authorities to follow suit in future.