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“Cyprus plan” possible for Greece

The Eurozone has considered all alternative solutions, in the event Greece fails to meet the agreed-upon prerequisites, including the measures taken in Cyprus, according to Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s statements to a Dutch radio station.

Mr. Dijsselbloem stated that his primary concern is for Greece to remain in the Eurozone and for there to be no problems within the Euro.

However, the Eurozone has made certain to study all possible scenarios, especially solutions which have already been applied successfully.

“Remember Cyprus. Banks closed for a brief amount of time, inflow and outflow of cash took place under certain conditions. There are various scenarios which can be implemented in any case. Thus, everything is possible”, stated Mr. Dijsselbloem, indirectly verifying Spiegel’s recent publication which spoke of a “Cyprus plan” for Greece being looked at by Berlin.

He also stated that there is a delay in negotiations between Greece and the Eurozone, reiterating his position that “After the 20 February agreement, two weeks went by without anything being done. I noted that we had a Eurogroup meeting on Monday 9 March, and you must be there”.