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Scenarios for Panathinaikos

With the latest results, the "greens" experienced α shocking defeat in the Olympic Stadium, facing the possibility of being left out, losing the chance to qualify to the next phase directly.

Inclusion in the group now reads: Maccabi has 8-5, Panathinaikos 7-6 and Alba 7-6. The remaining games are: Red Star-Panathinaikos and Alba Berlin-Maccabi.

This means that in order to pass the "greens" want:

Victory over Red Star. In this scenario Panathinaikos reaches 8-6 and qualifies as a fourth, whatever the result in 02.

Defeat of Alba. In this scenario the “greens” progress even they lose in Belgrade, asthey excel in points over the Germans.

Scenarios for others: Alba passes if they win (whatever happens in Belgrade), and while Maccabi needs either its own victory or the defeat of Panathinaikos. If Alba loses in Berlin, it is automatically excluded as it lags behind in the ties against Panathinaikos.