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New Movement within PASOK Supports Venizelos

A new trend to support party president Evangelos Venizelos is emerging within PASOK comprising members of the central committee and other cadres under the name "the Decided".

The new movement is calling for members to coalesce around the party chief, while attacking former PASOK ministers that have followed other than party lines.

The "Decided" have come out a few days after Mr. Venizelos struck off deputy Theodora Tzakri from the party and the differentiation expressed by Mihalis Kassis and other party deputies.

The movement has launched a scathing attack against all those that "are seeking another policy that they cannot define, nor can they believe, as they followed other policies as ministers," while also accusing those that "today point fingers," and those that take a different stand from the party leadership, noting that "until yesterday they distributed and shared seats."

Their announcement, full of support for PASOK leadership, notes "we are those that will be PASOK, even if PASOK ceases to exist," and ask for an end to the "cannibalism of the democratic party."