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Crime rises on Lesvos due to migrants, refugees, police say

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Police and residents on the island of Lesvos are concerned about a rise in thefts by refugees and migrants on the island.

Seven Algerians were arrested and charged by police for causing major damages to the organised municipality beach of the island, Thursday.

One of them was also charged with theft, after it was found he had stolen a person's wallet with €300 in it. In a separate incident, another 29 year old Algerian was arrested on the night of Easter for stealing a mobile phone and a wallet with €100 from a 46 year old store employee.

An Iranian was arrested Easter Sunday for car theft, while more Algerians were also charged with petty theft and smaller cash amounts.

The majority of refugees and migrants involved in illicit activities are from the Moria hotspot. Police say they are worried, as the spike in petty crime is notable compared to a year ago.