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Bild: 10.000 refugees have "disappeared" from Greece, why is the government hiding this?

"What is the Greek government hiding on the numbers of refugees?" German Bild is asking in an article, arguing that the government is "cooking" the numbers.

According to official figures, there are 60,000 refugees in the country, with about 8,150 of them missing and without any hint of where they are or if they are still in Greece.

"This number of ''missing'' refugees is actually much higher, "as revealed by Bild, which cites government circles saying that over 10,000 refugees are "missing."

Greece plays a central role in the registration and the status of refugees, so ignorance of where some of them are creates gaps, thus losing valuable information.

The current position of refugees was very important information in the case of the two terrorists of ISIS, who participated in the attacks in Paris, according to Bild.

Citing government sources the German tabloid noted that it is likely that the "missing" refugees left the accommodation centers on their own. It is unrealistic to believe that people fleeing from situations that threaten their lives, will possibly be stopped by the fences or borders of Europe.

Again, however, the German newspaper wonders "why the Greek government hasa smaller number on its official version?" citing two reasons:

Keeping an artificial number of refugees would allow facilities available for a new wave, if the treaty with Turkey breaks.

Another reason could be that just the Greek government does not want to admit that it has lost control, of recording and monitoring of residence for refugees.