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Hail in Zakynythos and the Peloponnese

The weather changed and instead of snow many areas saw a lot of hail falling. The Patra-Pyrgos highway was totally covered by hail, making movement quite dangerous.

Nonetheless, in certain areas of northern Greece, the mountains of Peloponnese as well as in Thessaly it is still snowing.

The new wave of bad weather hit Zante and the western Peloponnese really hard, but fortunatelly enough no injures have been reported so far.

In Evros the thick snowfall caused problems again, after a small break during the weekend, that gave enough time to the local authorities to deal with the problems the area was facing.

Temperatures in general are low, but not to the levels that we saw the previous weeks. In downtown Thessaloniki was 5 degrees, while in the northern Greece was between -6 to the western Macedonia to 4 degrees.

According to the forecast for today, storms are expected especially in the Ionian islands, Epirus by the sea, the mainland, Peloponnese, the Aegean Sea, Crete and the Dodecanese.

In Ioannina and Trikala the schools will not open again.

Winds are expected to reach 6-7 Beauforts on the Aegean and 7-8 Beauforts on the Ionian Sea.