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American tourist murdered on Zakynthos

A 22-year-old American tourist was transferred to the hospital in Zakynthos after a fierce brawl in a bar in the area of ​​Laganas, but was pronounced deadon arrival.

The police have already arrested the shop security officer, 32 years old, a British passport Serbian, and a 34-year-old Greek bartender.

Everything started when a Serbian group and a group of American tourists came to blows for a trivial incident. Those involved had consumed a large amount of alcohol earlier.

During the fight, the 22-year-old American from Texas came out of the bar, but the 32-year-old shopkeeper, along with other Serbs and the Greek bartender, chased him. They caught him 20 meters away from the bar and after throwing him to the ground, they began to kick and punch him in the body and head.

Shortly afterwards the young man was transferred to the hospital of Zakynthos, where his death was recorded as a result of severe cranial injuries.

From nearby security cameras it was found that the beating of the unfortunate 22-year-old lasted almost 30 seconds. However, the blows that the American tourist suffered were fatal and cost his life.