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Anti-establishmentarians “Rouvikonas” storm the Greek Parliament

The anti-establisment organization “Rouvikonas”, known for their surprise “attacks” against symbolic -as they say- offices, buildings and establishments, hit once again this time at the Greek Parliament. They usually throw leaflets with messages about certain issues that bother them and then they go as fast as possible.

This is what they did today as well, where at 14:30′ local time, more than 30 anarchists entered the area outside of the Parliament building and threw leaflets asking that Irianna -a woman convicted recently for terrorism- to be set free.

What is astonishing is that only a small number of them were apprehended, and even they were released almost immediately!

This is the second time the anarchist organization has entered the outer perimeter of the Greek Parliament.

The opposition parties -and not only- have voiced the necessity of the resignation of the Minister of Public Order, Nikos Toskas, as his term in this position has been characterized as an absolute disaster.