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Anarchists roam the center of Athens in search of victims

"Control groups," consisting of 30-40 people, were created by anarchist groups last Sunday in the center of Athens.

Each of them "patrolled" on central streets of Athens, checking citizens to locate fascists or members of Golden Dawn. People with very short hair, or particular clothing were targeted, while searching for people who participated in the counter demonstration against the gender identity law. In doing so, they came across the cadets of the Evelpidon School.

"There were two young people in civilian clothing. They had shopped in a shop that sold military items. Then they were attacked, they were beaten with sticks and the assailants threatened to kill them," said a shopkeeper in the area who helped them. The young men were in Monastiraki to buy equipment and clothing for their school when the hooded assailants attacked them.

Greek police (ELAS) is now looking to find the perpetrators
Officers of the State Security bureau are looking for data from local security cameras in the area to locate the perpetrators. However, ELAS has received strong criticism of its absence from the area.

Only one shopkeeper helped them
In total, the anti-authoritarian "control groups" beat up eight citizens altogether, but what made a negative impression is the lack of solidarity and mutual assistance when the shop owners closed their doors on seeing the young people bleeding and being hunted by the people in hoods.

SP, the owner of the tourist shop in which they found "shelter" spoke to the newspaper Free Press. "There was some trouble in the square in Monastiraki. They began to close the shops one after the other. Suddenly the cadets ran towards the center because they had hit them on the head. They came into my shop. I let them catch thir breath and clean the blood they had on their faces. They told me they attacked them without cause," he said, adding:" They were beaten on the head. Blood was running and they were in shock because they were young. Then we called EKAB (paramedics) and their school to inform. Unfortunately there is no policing in the center of Athens. Policing is not enough. A group of 30 people closed 100 stores."