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Anarchists threaten doctor who they accused of taking bribes

Members of “Rouvikonas" (Rubicon) anarchist collective; who have recently been involved in a spate of hit-and-run e attacks on government offices, leaving destruction in their wake has taken a turn towards vigilantism against individuals, in the laatest case, a doctor they accused of beeing "on the take".

Members of the group stormed “Evangelismos” hospital in Athens  on Thursday, accusing a doctor in his office of taking bribes. The group filmed the incident and posted it online.

Along with the video, “Rubicon” posted a declaration stating. “It has been proven that waiting around for the state to clean up its own messes is an exercise in futility”.

“We have no illusions that our actions can make it happen. There are no saviors. Active social conscience, vigilance and preparedness alone can help deal with such issues. Courage and solidarity can solve the problems perpetuated by the local state and capital.”

The group threatened to "break the doctor's had", and "cut off his hand", if they were tipped off that he asked for bribes.