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Kammenos strike three: The dubious relations with George Papdopoulos

Former Trump aide who pleaded guilty to perjury over his contacts with Russians in the run up to the presidential election may have become a liability for the White House, but is now a ticking time bomb for those he encountered both within Greece, and abroad.

According to a series of revealing tweets by American journalist Seth Abramson, it turns out that the former adviser to President Trump's election campaign may have played a much more crucial role in relations with Russia than what the White House has been trying to communicate in the last few hours, while Papadopoulos cooperates with the FBI in the context of the ongoing investigation.

Abramson, in particular, emphasizes the visit of Mr. Vladimir Putin to Athens in May 2016, when Minister of Defense Panos Kammenos received him at the airport. The American journalist refers to the good relations between the Greek minister and the Russian president, while Mr Kammenos is described as playing a key in Mr Papadopoulos' international relations, during 2016, as part of Mr Trump's election campaign.

This alludes to Papadopoulos' trips to Greece, after becoming  part of the Trump election team, and to the meetings he had with Greek officials (P. Kammenos) of which there were photographs with them (even with the President of the Republic) a conjuncture:

The fact that - if the dates quoted by the newspaper Kathimerini are correct - Papadopoulos was in Athens in the same week of May 2016 as President Putin.

Abramson also refers to the meeting between Papadopoulos and Mr Kammenos during the same visit.

The American journalist insists that the White House is lying when it claims that Papadopoulos was a low-level advisor to the election campaign. Mr Abramson cites Papadopoulos' contacts in Britain and Israel and those with Greeks officials.

The journalist claims that Papadopoulos and Kammenos met at Mr Trump's inauguration ceremony. He also refers to the connections between Papadopoulos and the Middle East and the energy issues of the region, as well as his shift towards Russian issues and his mysterious as the journalist calls it, removal from the election campaign of the American president.