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Best September ever for Greek tourism

This past September was the best September by far for Greek tourism with a double-digit increase in both arrivals and revenues, as the figures of the Bank of Greece show, with the revenues for the first nine months amounting to almost 13 billion Euros.

In particular, arrivals of non-resident travelers and related revenue increased by 11,8% and 15,5% respectively, while the double-digit rates were maintained during the nine-month period since the two indicators increased by 10,3%.

In particular, according to the balance of payments of the Bank of Greece for September 2017, the revenue amounted to € 2,47 billion from € 2,14 billion in September 2016, while in the same month
in 2015, tourism revenue amounted to € 2,18 billion.

Significantly higher are the nine-month figures for Greek tourism compared to 2016. The revenue amounted to € 12,994 billion from € 11,78 billion in January-September 2016, while the performance in 2017 is moving higher than in the best nine months of 2015 when the corresponding figures had reached 12,79 billion euros.

It should be noted here that 2013 was the first year in which the nine-month tourist revenue exceeded the psychological limit of € 10 billion (€ 10,7 billion), as well as the September of the same year, was the first with revenues of over 2 billion euros (from € 1,7 billion in 2012 and € 1,61 billion in 2011).