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Bollywood takes Naxos by storm and goes viral

A videoclip from part of the Bollywood movie, Tiger Zinda Hai, filmed on the island of Naxos, was released a few days ago on You Tube and has become the ultimate viral hit.

The music-dancing scene was filmed on the Aegean Island late last month, resulting in a crowd of dancers and actors flooding the island.

In particular, the beloved pair of actors, Salman Kahn and Katrina Kaif, visited the island along with 200 dancers and extras to shoot the video in Portara, the harbor and the narrow streets of the island's main town.

The result, therefore, after 4 days of filming, is impressive, while the aerial imagery shows off the beauty of the island.

In fact, the video has become viral since it has already collected about 12 million views in just two days.

The island also speaks of all the sites dealing with Bollywood, which indicate that Naxos was the ideal choice because of the picturesque and peaceful landscape, creating a romantic atmosphere.

"Even the locals were so curious to see what was going on during the filming, so they gathered by the dozens and started dancing as if they were in a concert," wrote india.com

The film is expected to be released in December 2017 under the name "Sweet Tiger" and then all Bollywood enthusiasts will admire the great beauties of both Naxos and the beautiful dancers.