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Anarchist collective assaults Saudi Embassy - Proclamation

An attack against the Saudi Arabian embassy in Athens was carried out by the anarchist group Rouvikonas on Thursday morning.

The anarchist group has uploaded videos of the attack online.

In the video posted by the anarchists, persons wearing helmets throw objects towards the walled enclosure of the embassy and then flee on their motorbikes.

Rouvikonas' Announcement

There is a state, and indeed a regional superpower, the name of which is that of the royal family. Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi family along feudal terms, based on the oil under the land of its "estate," has not only imposed a medieval dystopia on the vast majority of workers (yes, the vast majority of the inhabitants of S. Arabia are workers in the petroleum industry and service staff of aristocratic families) but tries to export this dystopia throughout the Middle East with the ambition to export it to the rest of the world as well.

Where is one to begin and where can one finish. Whatever ISIS and its caliphate do, which justly caused the horror of the whole planet, has been done in S. Arabia for decades, in front of everyone's eyes, and they are accepted by the "civilized world". Public decapitations of cheating spouses , amputations of thieves in stadiums with shouting crowds, total subjugation of women, disappearances and executions of dissidents and gay community members. The application of the toughest version of Islamic Sharia, of course, does not concern the aristocrats who enjoy in the mood any possible, or impermissible freedom, as their capitalist counterparts do in the West. It is for the broad social basis and far from religious interpretations, and, so far, it is an extremely effective tool of social control.

It is worth mentioning that slavery in this country was abolished only in 1962. It was abolished on paper. Today, the legitimate economic migrants living there account for 30% of the population, not counting illegal immigrants. They live in conditions of real slavery in drilling rigs and refineries, while a large part are slaves in the mansions of he Emirs. Hunger wages, sexual abuse, torture, murder, this is the everyday life of working masses in a supposed rich country. If we add to these foreign workers both the poor Saudis and the religious and ethnic minorities, we see a barbaric class segregated society in which a small minority has a direct right to life and death over many.

But the problem is not just internal. The Saudis aspire to play an imperialist  geopolitical game based on both their economic power and their religious symbolic capital as the masters of the Muslim sacred sites and historical patrons of Wahhabi Islam. Since the British set the borders in the Middle East, S. Arabia became both the financier and the intermediary of the Anglo-Saxon axis in the region, became the Muslim "Israel" for the interests of the United States and the West. And from this position it began to promote its own aggressive global policy. There is no Sunni fundamentalist organization in the world that they have not funded. All we have to do is remember al-Qaeda, who before deatroying the twin towers, were the Freedom fighters who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. Islamic guerrillas in Africa and the Middle East, puppet governments, Sunni fronts, like what we see today flattening Yemen.

But Saudi Arabia is too big a player to have the treatment of the Islamic state. Saudi Arabia buys international tolerance and pays cash with petrodollars. Whether it is the pay off to French imperialism that expects to receive 3 billion for military equipment to the Lebanese state, or, proportionately to its present position in the imperialist hierarchy, the Greek state with a few tens of millions for artillery shells. Because, all this talk of selling arms, which came to the House was a monumental example of hypocrisy. They all did not understand that it was an attempt to buy a proactive, de facto overturn of the arms embargo on this murderous regime, in order to reach the end of the comedy, SYRIZA who went on to clinch the "national deal" voted in favor of the embargo a few days later in the EU and New Democracy suddenly remembered Yemen's children and voted against the embargo ...

This hypocrisy runs through the whole of the Greek regime: the far-right Islamophobes targeting every poor refugee are bowing to the Sheikhs who fund the world's Jihad. For the refugees there is the barbed wire of the Moria camp and for the financiers of Jihad there are the camels in NAMMOS of Mykonos. For refugees the hunger and the cold, for the Sheikhs the investment opportunities in Greece of the crisis.

We do not like this hypocrisy and anyone with a social conscience should not like it. But it's not just the moral issue. As we wrote in our text on the intervention of the defense ministry, Greece is part of an international war block comprising Egypt, Israel, Cyprus and, of course, S. Arabia. This US-led bloc is opposed to the Russian bloc that includes Turkey, Iran, Syria of Assad, and probably Qatar.

We can already see where the conflict of these two blocks is leading. First in Syria and then in Yemen's unknown war, where the imperialist policy of S. Arabia was expressed to its full extent. By forming an international coalition of Sunni states, a coalition under Saudi hegemony has created a true hell with tens of thousands of dead, hunger and destruction in order to control power in the country in direct competition with the other "lighthouse" of religious fundamentalism in the region: Iran (which is anything but innocent for these developments).

There is a genocide in Yemen. The Western media is as silent as possible for this barbarity. The governments, including those of Greece, are averting their eyes from them. This is also one of their obligations due to membership in the imperialist axes.

It is important that we fight to ensure that there is no involvement in the imperialist conflict that has already begun and tends to expand into the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. A conflict that has already reached us through refugees in the Aegean Sea trying to save their lives, with the new American bases and the upgraded role of the old ones like Souda. Greece is getting deeper and deeper into this upcoming war, and those who like to support bubbles for "multidimensional foreign policies" and "realism" in international relations, let them prepare their excuses for the time when, apart from the cries of refugees they will hear the sound of guns in the Aegean.

As anarchists we know that the only definitive answer lies in internationalist solidarity among the organized struggling oppressed. We have no illusions that at the moment this solidarity in its infancy can overturn world sovereign designs. Under the circumstances, what the world of struggle can do is to give its small battles, wherever it can, to sabotage the war that is coming. To maintain social vigilance so that it can be capitalized if hell can not be avoided. In this context, our present intervention is part of this. In the face of a strong symbolic protest, we call on everyone to think that once again, to remain passive viewers means that we are the audience of our own misery. And the one we live in, and even worse, the one they are preparing for us.




Rouvikonas Anarchist collectivity