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FYROM name issue a thorn for government cohesion

The the prime minister will be faced with a serious political problem before the New Year is ushered in.

For several weeks in 2018, both the Greek government and the FYROM government have declared 2018 the year to resolve the name issue that has been pending for 25 years.

Both the Greek Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have signaled a consensual solution, and the other side seems to have retreatedfrom from its harsh stance and abandoned irredentist pontifications.
However, a major intergovernmental issue seems to have arisen in recent days, as the government does not seem to share a line of consensus on overcoming the deadlock.

The President of ANEL and the main government partner of SYRIZA, Mr Kammenos, has already made it clear that he will not consent to any use of the term "Macedonia" in the name of the neighboring country, while the PM's office speaks of a "consensual solution to the complex name".
The difference of views in the government gave main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis the opportunity to speak of a loss of majority in the parliament.
The PM's office, however, downgraded the issue by saying that it is reasonable to have different perspectives given the different ideological and political ideologies of the two parties. showing parliament as responsible for the approval of a national consensual proposal.

In this way, they are also pressuring Mr Mitsotakis, who is arguing that he has not yet got a clear position, as he has to face a problem of differentiation even inside the party itself.
With this in mind, Mr Tsipras must manage a new big thorn that could even threaten the cohesion of the government. Consequently, after the holidays and according to information frompoliticalsources, it is expected that the Prime Minister will also take steps to bridge the gap with the Minister of National Defense in order to exploit the window of opportunity created in 2018 to solve the name issue.