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Anticipation ahead of the grand rally for Macedonia, in Athens

The countdown for Sunday's rally in the center of Athens against the use of the name Macedonia by FYROM has begun. Government and opposition have turned their gaze to the great mobilization and there is anxiety across the political spectrum.

At the same time, there is great mobilization of police, in order to prevent any incidents that may be caused by anti-authoritarian and right-wing groups who may be trying to exploit the rally in order to create episodes. At the same time, the planning for the movement of citizens expected to arrive in Athens from all over Greece is in full swing. It is indicative that police riot squad buses will be placed in various places in order to create dead zones so that the protesters will not meet.

However, preparations have already begun in Syntagma for the rally with the installation of microphone facilities. Loudspeakers are placed on pillars, while the necessary accessories (Greek flags, scarves, etc.) have made their appearance.

Preparations continue

The preparations for the rally to be held by the organizers, which argue that the people attending at the center of the capital will be over one million. Their statements to the media speak of a great celebration. According to them, they want to have a peacefu and collective character, without political parties. Their aim is to send a clear message against the irresponsibility of Skopje.

The organizer Michalis Piatzikas, on the occasion of the threats raised, clarified that he had spoken with the Greek authorities and that he had confidence in the police. He even said there would be security teams near the platform to protect the speakers.

The speakers

The main speakers will be Mikis Theodorakis and Giorgos Kasimatis, while the greetings on behalf of the Church will be addressed by the metropolitans of Syros, Chios, and Drama. A brief greeting will be addressed by representatives from all over Greece.

The speakers' platform will be set up at Ermou Street and, as the organizers have revealed, their aim is to have good acoustics at the University, at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, at Filellinon and Stadiou Streets.

After the rally, the organizers will issue a resolution, as in Thessaloniki, which they will hand over to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House.

Who is paying

On the cost of the rally, finance officer Miltos Kotzageridis noted that "the economic needs of the rally are covered by the whole of the diaspora, and especially by the diaspora of the United States, as well as Macedonians, companies and individuals who wanted to support this effort. This money will be spent on the costs of the event, such as the installation of a platform and sound installation, which will try to have good acoustics at the University, at Vasilissis Sofias, at Filellinon at Stadiou. " The buses that will be used to transport the people concerned will be paid for by ecclesiastical and cultural associations.