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Rouvikonas anarchist group attack Novartis' Greek headquarters

Anarchist group “Rouvikonas” attacked the headquarters of pharmaceutical company Novartis Hellas in the area of Metamorphosis, in Attica last night in light of the scandal shaking Greek politics.

Using sledgehammers, the perpetrators broke the main gate, smashed windows, and then crossed the main entrance and caused damage to the offices by throwing red paints and breaking glass windows. Then they threw the sledgehammer away and fled.
The police are conducting investigations to locate the perpetrators.

The anarchist group assumed responsibility for the attack in a post uploaded later on an anti-establishment website. The piece presents a complete analysis of the health issue dating back to antiquity and provides a philosophical analysis of how capitalism adversely affects the health industry. The author deals with the Novartis case and its global impact, while the piece also explains how pharmaceutical companies benefit from the system in Greece without focusing specifically on the controversy and divisions the Novartis case, in particular, has caused in the Greek political life.