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"InvestGR - Foreign Investments in Greece" Forum to be held on July 3

Dozens of top executives from multinationals in Greece have registered to take part in the first "InvestGR - Foreign Investments in Greece" Forum that will be held on July 3 this year at the Hilton Hotel in Athens.

The forum is being held under the aegis of the economy and development ministry with the support of the EU Representation in Greece, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Hellas).
According to a www.investgr.eu press release, this will be the first forum in Greece that brings together politicians and senior multinational company executives to discuss the most timely and crucial question in public dialogue: "Can Greece become an attractive destination for foreign investment, and how can this be achieved?"
The organisers describe the forum as a chance for constructive dialogue between C-level executives of foreign companies operating in Greece and the most important political representatives. Its aim is to advocate for improving the investment framework and highlighting Greece as an attractive destination for foreign direct investments. 
A second goal is to publish the “ Initiative for Foreign Investments in Greece“ based on proposals by foreign companies operating in Greece, with the aim of promoting Greece as a viable investment destination and contributing in the effort to improve the general economic environment for foreign investments.
"Nearly every major player across the political spectrum agrees that growth will come, mostly, through foreign direct investments. Big foreign companies have begun investing, oftentimes considerable amounts, or have expressed interest in investing in our country. A series of inherent limitations and ailments in critical areas and institutions, however, continue to hinder the effort to turn Greece into an attractive destination for foreign investments," the organisers point out.
"Greece can, under certain conditions, become an attractive destination for foreign direct investments. After all, this is the wish of the CEOs of foreign companies operating in our country: to convince their headquarters to place Greece well within their future investment map. To achieve that, the state must understand the needs and, most of all, implement the proposals of said foreign investors, aiming at the improvement of the wider business context to be in a position to welcome more foreign investments to the country. This purpose, of promoting Greece as an attractive investment destination, is what the “ InvestGR - Foreign Investments in Greece” annual forum seeks to achieve."