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Kammenos: Referendum, or increased majority for ratification of FYROM name agreement

Panos Kammenos made public his commitment that the agreement with FYROM will not be passed if the people are not asked or if it is not ratified by parliament through an increased majority (180 votes), at an extraordinary press conference he gave this morning, after his much talked about absence from yesterday afternoon's cabinet meeting.

Mr. Kammenos said specifically: "I state clearly, I assume responsibility that the agreement with Skopje in the House will not be sanctioned if the Greek people do not decide, or unless the agreement is ratified by 180 deputies. When I say that the people be asked, it is through a referendum or through elections."

He also said that "the draft agreement has no weight and commitment until its ratification by the House. All other conditions of the agreement are conditions that Skopje must fulfill ".

According to Panos Kammenos, "even this ratification in Skopje is not valid, since it does not bear the signature of the president", referring to the return of the agreement by Georgi Ivanov after its vote by the FYROM parliament.

"There can be no commitment of the country if the referendum in Skopje is not concluded," added the defense minister.

Regarding his absence from the cabinet yesterday, Mr Kammenos said he had an appointment and did not make a jerk, and said he would attend the NATO Summit.