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Attica fires: State mechanism paralyzed by lack of planning

The deadly fires in Mati, Rafina and Kineta have brought to light the complete absence of a plan to prevent and deal with such destruction on the part of the state mechanism.

For hours, homes, in wooded areas were burning, with the victims reaching 76 dead and hundreds of missing and injured people. And the number of deaths, according to authorities' estimates, will rise further in the next few hours.

How did we come to the tragedy of Attica?

More specifically, there was no:

no plan to evacuate the area.
no firewall along Marathonas Avenue
no design to put firefighting forces into Marathon and stop the fire from descending to the sea
no guidance on how and where to move citizens to safe places. Indicative is that the filght of residents and holidaymakers was all on their own initiative.
Also, the co-competent bodies improvised, as there was no central coordinating body as envisaged in the "Xenocratis" plan.

It is noteworthy that up to this moment there is chao concerning the number of dead and missing persons. Although eople called three agencies, they did not coordinate with each other.

How did the fire go from Daou Pentelis to Mati

At the same time, the Central Coordination Body for Civil Protection did not work or was not convened. The lack of the evacuation plan is also evidenced by the deaths of 25 people burned huddled together in a field. No one told them where to go to leave and they were looking fora way out by themselves.

To sum up, the government mechanism has appeared unable to manage disasters of this magnitude, at the same time when in well-governed states there is accountability.

Indicative of the inertia of the state apparatus is the fact that the fire trucks sent to Kineta were trapped! That's because when they emptied their water tanks they did not have plans to fill them up again to return to extinguishing the fire.