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Missing twin nine year old girls found burnt with grandparents

Everyone wished for a miracle. Everyone was hoping the twin nine year old girls missing since Monday's fires would be alive. Unfortunately, the most tragic epilogue was written in the end.

The unpleasant news was published on the personal account for a close friend of the family. With just a few words ... But so shocking.

"The epilogue has been written. All 4 were found embraced. But death could not separate them" ...

The news was also relayed by TV channel SKAI, stressing that the private investigator, Mr. George Tsoukalis, who was responsible for searching to find the twins and their grandparents, confirmed the fact

In fact, according to this report, Mr. Tsoukalis was crushed. He said he could not believe it. How he hoped they would be found. Like all of Greece.

Their father, Yiannis Filipopoulos, had said only 24 hours after the tragedy that he had recognized them on a boat that saved people from the sea and carried them to the port of Rafina.

Giannis Filippopoulos told SKAI TV that he accidentally saw Alpha television station reporting and in the video, both himself and his wife recognized their little girls. In the shots, next to the children whom Mr. Filipopoulos recognized as his daughters, a man stood.

Immediately there were appeals from both the captain of the boat and the head of the Greek Red Cross rescuers to appear at the beginning of this man and another woman who was with two other little girls sitting with the 9-year old on board.

However, in  the following days, it was made clear that the girls in the video were not the Filipopoulos sisters. That's when the amily hired private investigator Giorgos Tsoukalis to track them down. Mr Tsoukalis found the girls burned in the arms of their grandparents.