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Big fires in Zakynthos & Andros

Memories of the fires that hit the island last year are being brought back by the two new fires erupted in Zakynthos this afternoon.

The fires broke out in two different areas, one in Agala and one in Kiliomenos at the Cataloupou area.

There are 10 firefighters with 5 vehicles, 1 Canadair, 2 PZLs and 1 helicopter operating on the island.

The fires that quickly spread, broke out at 4.30 pm. in forest areas.

According to the first information thus far, the mountainous settlement of Kiliomenos is not threatened.

A big fire is going on in Andros too.

A fire broke out in the afternoon in Andros, at Amolochos. In the area, there are strong winds, up to 7 beauforts, which makes the airdrops harder.

As reported by the Fire Brigade, the fire burns low vegetation, however quickly went out of control going at the direction of the Vitali area.

There are 5 Firefighting vehicles with ten men, two volunteer vehicles, a municipal water-tank vehicle and two Canadair aircraft.