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Man and dog falls off docking ship in Tinos

An unbelievable event occurred at the port of Tinos, Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the ship "Super Runner Andros" docked.

While the boat was heading for the harbor of Tinos (from Mykonos), just before docking, a man of about 30 years fell into the sea with his dog for unknown reasons so far!

The harbor authorities were immediately mobilized. Initially, the ship made the appropriate maneuvers to avoid hitting the man and his dog, while a coast guard officer without thinking about taking off his shoes a immediately dove into the sea to save the man.

With self-denial he swam up to the point where the man and the dog were, while a female coast guard officer also dove in with a rope to get him a life jacket. So with a rope and the help of passengers waiting to board the ship, they pulled the man and his dog to safety. Eventually they landed on land, and immediately the ambulance rushed to pick up the man who seemed to be in good health.

In fact, when the man stood on land he told the officers, "I just want you to take me there, I do not want to go to any other place", showing the famous church of Panagia Tinos.