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Anarchist group Rouvikonas invades Greek Foreign Ministry

Greek anarchist group “Rouvikonas” invaded the building of the Foreign Ministry on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, on Tuesday morning, for the second time in a little over a month.

Members of the group managed to avoid being detected by security forces and jumped over the gate to enter the grounds of the Ministry in one of the most heavily guarded areas in downtown Athens. The purpose of their action was to protest about the Palestinian issue and the Israeli presence in Gaza.
The anarchist group posted a declaration on an anti-establishment site and recorded their invasion explaining why they did it.
“Again, we are dealing with the Palestinian issue and the long-standing strategic alliance of the Greek state with Israel.”, they wrote. Rouvikonas left a bag in the yard of the compounds with a Palestinian flag and photos of dead children and civilians from Israeli attacks.
In their declaration, the anarchist group highlighted a list of actions by Israel against Palestine and the cooperation between Greece and Israel.