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Shocking Australian TV tribute on Mati fiery disaster

The show "Foreign Correspondent" of the Australian ABC channel has made a tribute to Mati.

When firefighter Andreas Dimitriou learned that the fire had arrived at Mati, he ran to find his family. Next to the waves he found his wife, Margarita, unconscious. Next to her, their six month old son lay lifeless.

Margarita Dimitriou fell into a coma and died 12 days later.

"It was the absolute destruction that day. For many people. It is something that I would not wish anyone, nor an enemy," recounts Andreas Demetriou in Australia's national television show.

"I feel a lot but I still do not get angry. I do not know who to be angry with." With God? With the others; With myself;"

The episode "The Eye of the Fire" was screened and was the last of the season for the show that undertakes international reports from parts of the planet.

Reporter Eric Campbell spoke with people who lived the tragedy, searching for the causes of the second deadliest fire since Black Saturday in February 2009 in Victoria, Australia with 173 dead.

The broadcast identifies the mistakes of the state apparatus, as the police sent the people directly to hell.

Academic Costas Synolakis, who conducted a study on the mistakes made that day, believes that at least one precious hour was lost unnecessarily before the state reacted, while the president of the firefighters union talks about the shortcomings facing the service due to austerity.

Former MP, Zoe Konstantopoulou places responsibility on the government and the economic crisis and marks the tragedy "A holocaust in a time of peace demands justice".