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SYRIZA youth hang banner from White Tower while tolerated by police

A storm of reaction has been caused by the attitude of police officers during the incident of a giant banner hung outside the White Tower by SYRIZA youth at noon on Saturday.

According to thestival.gr information site, the police officers who arrived at the point received orders from the center of EL.AS. not to get involved with the SYRIZA youths and to leave.

The same information indicates that this mandate was transferred to the center from the highest levels of the General Police Division of Thessaloniki. The complainants point out that the police stance was not the same when members of the Christian associations in Thessaloniki attempted to post a banner saying "Macedonia is Greek".

The incident was commented on, on Facebook, by the president of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Cultural Associations of Macedonians, Giorgos Tatsios. Mr. Tatsios stressed that in a similar case the Police proceeded to five arrests of the youth of the Christian Unions and wonders where the General Police Director of Thessaloniki takes orders from. Finally, he asks the Public Prosecutor's intervention for the incident.

The Prosecutor's Office's involvement is also requested by the Union for Endless Struggle for Macedonia and Democracy. The members of the Body point out that if this mandate was given by the General Police Chief of Thessaloniki then he must resign from his post.