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New Democracy demands publication of cabinet meeting minutes

Main opposition New Democracy is determined to push to the limits in order to bring to light what was said at the cabinet meeting, between Mr Kotzias and Kammenos, and to investigate the allegations they exchanged.

According to trusted sources, the main opposition party intends to ask the minutes of the cabinet to find out the exact content of these complaints.

This move, which ND plans to make, is of particular importance after the former Foreign Minister's circles warned through ANT1 that "if some people after silence at the insults want to erase parts of the minutes of the cabinet is something that we can not imagine in our minds and we exclude it." A note came in response to yesterday's statements by Panos Kammenos. In this he tried to scoff at Mr. Kotzias and deny that the Cabinet claimed that there were relations between the government and George Soros.

The implication made byf Nikos Kotzias that the minutes of the critical session could be distorted in order not to put the government in a difficult situation is unprecedented, as officials of the main opposition noted. They also did not conceal their surprise of inaction on the part of Justice, noting that "in any European country, if a minister publicly spoke of suspicious financing of other ministers by a foreign businessman to "buy" foreign players, Justice would immediately intervene" . That is why the deputy party chief, Costas Karagounis, visited the Athenian Prosecutor's Office, presenting the video with the interview Kotzias mentioned in the incident. "The fact that, despite all that was heard publicly, justice apart from being blind, is also deaf is sad," was the scathing comment on the part of ND.

Of course, the main opposition contends that Justice should ask for the letter of resignation of Mr Kotzias, which the PM avoids publishing. Especially after the reports that refer to its content and reports that it reveals evidence of a lot of dark affairs involving Ministers of the Tsipras Government.

Three questions are asked by ND on the basis of these publications. Firstly, if the Prime Minister Tsipras's cousin, Giorgos, is involved in the suspicious cases of the government that Mr Kotzias denounces, secondly, if there are references to the Kammenos scandal in the case of the sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia, and thirdly if Mr Kotzias denounces the opaque way that Mr Kammenos allegedly managed the Community funds for NGOs. for refugees. As Kyriakos Mitsotakis' close associate said, "the case is very serious and will not be closed without investigation, nor covered by any government fireworks"