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HAF 331 Squadron "Theseus" first again among NATO

Once again, the Hellenic Air Force won a NATO training exercise that took place in Albacete, Spain. The "Theseus" Flyers stood out for their professionalism as the best team that could star in an aerial battle.

The 331 Squadron with Mirage 2000-5 held the title in Greece, and the previous flight class trained in the NATO exercise was distinguished with the same title and was again the Greek Wings of 335 Squadron.

For the 331 Squadron it is the third time that pilots and engineers take the lead in this NATO training exercise. 29 engineers and ground technicians were sent to Spain and received the most positive comments.

At the same time, Air Force Chief Christos Christodoulou sends a tough message to Turkey. "We fly high, we fly far, where we are needed, and let the Turks understand this. We will always have the last landing, we will always be plus one. "

The 331 Squadron has seen for 30 years of flawless operation and continued presence in the Aegean Sea with the "delta wings" which make a big difference in air combat against Turkey's fighters.