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Archaeologists denouce monuments assigned to "Superfund" for exploitation

Featured Archaeologists denouce monuments assigned to "Superfund" for exploitation

The intervention of the so-called Superfund to the State Council regarding the actions taken to integrate monuments on the list of properties for transfer is denounced through a statement by the Association of Greek Archaeologists.

In their announcement, the archaeologists stress that the above move means "the Superfund intends to come to the hearing to defend the Tsakalotos Ministerial Decision, ie the transfer of the monuments. The Board of EESYP, appointed by the government and the 'institutions', with this move indicates that it already considers the mouments transferred as its property" the anouncement of the Association of Greek Archaeologists contiues.

In the announcement, the Archaeologists denounce that the list of the 2,329 properties which, according to the Finance Ministry, are subject to the exceptions of article 196 of Law 4389/2016 so that they are not put to use, has not been given.

While the announcement argues that "has not promoted the institutional consolidation of the exclusion of monuments with the ministries, the Ministry of Culture and the finance minister, Issuing contradictory statements on the issue of whether or not to issue explicit exclusion of the identified properties from the transfer, and without specifying whether the exception would also cover the burning issue of the management of monuments and cultural buildings. "

Greek archaeologists charge two languages in the government and noted "In these four months the government has assured many times that the issue is going to be "resolved" so that there is no intention for Knossos, Spinalonga, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the White Tower and the remaining 2,329 properties to go to the "Superfund", leaving it almost to be called an "error".