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Alexis Tsipras in Skopje

Featured Alexis Tsipras in Skopje

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has arrived in Skopje. This is the first visit of the Greek Prime Minister after the signing of the Prespa Agreement.

The 10 Greek ministers, deputy ministers and alternate ministers accompanying Alexis Tsipras in Skopje arrived shortly after 11:00 in the government building of North Macedonia. There they were welcomed by their counterparts from the government Zoran Zaev.

It should be noted that along with the Prime Minister in North Macedonia there will be many entrepreneurs

The Greek government aircraft landed in Skopje at 10:40. Alexis Tsipras was welcomed at the airport in Skopje by the Deputy Speakers of the Government and Defense Minister of North Macedonia Radmila Sekerinska and Economy Minister Krestnik Beckesi.

In detail, Mr. Tsipras' program in Skopje:

10:30 Arrival at Skopje International Airport
11:00 Official reception ceremony
11:10 Meeting of the Prime Minister with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia
11:55 Plenary Session of the Supreme Cooperation Council
13:00 Signing of bilateral agreements
13:30 Joint statements to press representatives
14:30 Meeting of the Prime Minister with the Speaker of the House of North Macedonia
15:30 Participation and greeting of the Prime Minister at the Business Forum of Greece and North Macedonia
19:30 Official dinner