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Cannabis cultivation guidelines released by Agri Ministry

Featured Cannabis cultivation guidelines released by Agri Ministry

A set of guidelines for the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and medical use was released on Friday by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.
The framework emerged after consultation with the Justice Ministry and includes stricter penalties for improper documentation and production.

According to the ministerial statement, the framework allows for the following:
- The import of cannabis seeds and the cultivation of cannabis varieties not listed in EU specimen catalogues, only for approved producers, not for the marketing of seeds.
- The growing of cannabis plants in pots or in hydroponic systems inside greenhouses.
- The pre-germination of seeds for the purpose of transplanting seedlings and separating male-female plants before planting in the field.
- The notification of the sowing or planting date must be given three days after the fact, instead of prior notice.
- The licensing of cannabis varieties outside of EU lists list will be available throughout the year.
It also becomes compulsory for producers to keep all sales notes of raw cannabis for three years after sales, or three years after harvesting if processed by the same producer.
The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food is also expected to immediately demarcate areas with an average annual rainfall, where the water supply licensing obligation does not apply for licenced crops.
Finally, it was also announced that the Ministry will also enable the production of industrial cannabis clones and determine soon the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) limits in edible products containing cannabis.
Deputy Agriculture Minister Vassilis Kokkalis said the guidelines are expected to help Greece "become attractive to serious foreign investments."