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Abstention the great winner of the local elections

Featured Abstention the great winner of the local elections

The abstention was the winner of the second round of the regional and municipal elections that was held on Sunday 2 June.

The abstention rate in some cases reached 70 pct while in many regions only one in three citizens voted. 
In terms of regional elections, the abstention for the Attica regional governor ballot reached 58.74 pct while in the first round it was 41.14 pct.
The highest abstention rate was recorded in the region of northern Aegean that reached 66.55 pct (54.47 pct in the first round).
Similar abstention rates were recorded in municipal elections. Only 33.33 pct of Athenians went to the ballot to vote for the next mayor while the abstention for the municipality of Thessaloniki reached 62.61 pct.
The lowest abstention was recorded in the elections for the mayor of Patras where 49.68 pct of the citizens went to the ballots.
Finally, the abstention rate for the municipality of Piraeus was 65.77 pct.