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OXI Day celebrations: Impressive military parade in Thessaloniki (photos-videos)

Featured OXI Day celebrations: Impressive military parade in Thessaloniki (photos-videos)

Celebrations for the Greek national OXI Day came to an end with an impressive showing of the Greek Armed forces which marched in downtown Thessaloniki on Monday.



The parade was attended by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who warned Turkey that its arbitrary provocations and violations of international laws would not pass in statement he made after the parade.

President Pavlopoulos

“The ‘OXI’ (NO) of October 28, the ‘NO’ of the Greeks, was a pivotal, in modern history, act of resistance against fascism and an equally pivotal stance of defending Peace, Democracy and Man,” said Pavlopoulos on the conclusion of the great military parade.


World War 2 veterans marched first, followed by the different groups (pan Pontiac, national resistance etc). The divisions of the Greek armed forces followed led by the Presidential Guards (Evzones).

After the end of the parade of the civil and citizens’ groups, the divisions from the Hellenic Armed Forces followed with the men and women of the military demonstrating their strength and readiness.