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Greek FM's visit to Constantinople irks pro-Erdogan media

Featured Greek FM's visit to Constantinople irks pro-Erdogan media

Pro-Erdogan media expressed annoyance caused by Greek FM Dendias' visit to Istanbul.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendia's visit to Constantinople may have had the sole purpose of being present at the Fanari and attending the Divine Liturgy, but it seems to have prompted specific media reactions.

Dendias - Imamoglou meeting seen as "weird"
Specifically, the website of the newspaper Takvim, which is affiliated with Erdogan, comments negatively on Nikos Dendia's post about his meeting with Istanbul Mayor Errem Imamoglu as the Greek Foreign Minister wrote Consantinopole and not Instanbul. At the same time, it considers the meeting of the two men "strange" at the Fanari, while the Turkish President was traveling to Tunisia on an unannounced trip.

Other websites accuse Imamoglu of deliberately choosing to visit the Patriarchate on Christmas Day to have even a brief meeting with Nikos Dendias, as his party has stated its opposition to Erdogan's policy in Libya.

Love message from Fanari
However, Nikos Dendias, in a statement after his visit to Constantinople, sent his own greetings: "II accepted his blessings with my family. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, first of all, all Greeks, Orthodox Christians and all the people everywhere who come here an dour Turkish hosts all the best. Health, happiness, love and prosperity. Let us always be well, and next year as well! ”He said in a statement.