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Editor's car torched

Featured Editor's car torched

Shortly after 9pm last night there was an explosion in the car of newspaper editor of "Paraskinio" Nikos Karamanlis parked outside a tavern in Agia Varvara and near the intersection of Redesto and Agia Varvara streets.

It had not been long before Mr Karamanlis and his friends had entered the tavern when they suddenly heard the explosions from the car. According to testimonies, two people aboard a large motorcycle broke the car's window and threw in an incendiary device that exploded and completely destroyed the vehicle.

Surprisingly, no one knew about Mr Karamanlis' visit to the tavern, which may indicate that unknown perpetrators were following him.

No injuries were reported from the explosion and Mr Karamanlis and his group are in good health. Immediately on the spot arrived firefighting forces that extinguished the fire and the police who cordoned the spot.

This was the second attempt against Nikos Karamanlis in three years. In 2017, a grenade had been found outside his home in Vrilissia which fortunately had not exploded.

As for this incident, Mr Karamalis stated that "We parked the car outside the shop and suddenly we heard an explosion from outside. As soon as we got out we saw the car burning. What people from outside told us is that they saw two people on a motorcycle and smashed it and threw a bomb. "

Police estimates so far suggest that the perpetrators were watching Mr Karamanlis' moves.