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A map of crime in Athens

Featured A map of crime in Athens

The map of Athens has been divided among gangs of foreigners, as specific points in the city center are controlled by gangs, which clash with each other to control areas.

The center of Athens has been divided into drug, smuggling, trafficking, prostitution, but other zones of thefts and robberies against citizens and cars.

The groups of foreigners who control these areas clash bloodily for domination and even resort to killings, such as the clash between Pakistanis and Afghans on Thursday (13/2/2020) at noon on Menandrou Street.

Indeed, Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis was interviewed on the incident, who said illegal aliens had no place in the country.

Who controls Omonia, Monastiraki, Pottery, Metaxourgio
According to Greek police, criminal elements with particularly violent behavior from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco and Algeria control the areas around Omonia, Monastiraki, Kerameikos and Metaxourgio. Specifically, they operate on the streets of Menandrou, Geraniou, Nikiforou, Sofokleous, Anaxagoras, Zenonos, Akominatou, Koumoundourou, Agisilaou, Kolokinthous, Alexander the Great, Kerameikou, Vathis Square, Satomvriandou. Sales of drugs, smuggled cigarettes and all kinds of merchandise goes on here.

It is also one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians and cars, as perpetrators carry out predatory attacks on a daily basis.

Who controls September 3rd and Patision streets

On the map of Athens crime is followed by the ghetto of prostitution, drug trafficking and counterfeit documents. These are the parallel streets of September 3rd and Patissia and almost all vertical streets and squares. Examples include: Ioulianou, Heiden, Epirus, Antoniadou, Veranzerou, Ioulianou, Derigni, Kodrigtonos, Pipinou, Mithymnis, Lela Karagianni, and the squares of Amerikis, Koliatsou, Victorias, Agiou Panteleimon, Pedion of Areos.
Criminal groups from Nigeria, Somalia, Sierra Leone, C Αte d'Ivoire, Afghanistan, Algeria and Morocco are the lords there.

Who ontrols Exarchia - Thefts, Burglaries, Drugs
And the Exarchia area is on the map of crime. On the streets of Tsamadou, Zaimi, Methoni, Derveni, Valtetsi, Arachovis, Stournari, George there are drug, smuggling, street robberies, car burglaries.
These are gangs of Algerians, Moroccans, Syrians, Albanians and Greeks.

The drug addicts
Drug addicts and drug dealers usually move to Omonia, Vathis Street, Evangelismos Grove, Kapodistriou, Amerikis Square, Kanigos Square.